When using TA-Q-BIN services, I, as sender, agree as follows


1. General Agreements
1.1 agree for SCG EXPRESS to transport my parcel and agree to comply with this Agreement as detailed below, as well as the transportation requirements and terms for TA-Q-BIN services in Thailand and relevant manuals, which can be viewed at www.scgexpress.co.th or from service providers of SCG EXPRESS. I agree that SCG EXPRESS may make amendments or changes to this Agreement or any related information without advance notice.
1.2 agree that I will be responsible for packing my parcel in sturdy and suitable packaging without any protruding parts and with cushioning material or material necessary for protecting the parcel. I understand that SCG EXPRESS may consider the suitability of packaging when accepting parcel for transportation and has the right to make necessary changes.
1.3 agree to fill out the information required by SCG EXPRESS correctly and legibly, including item description, declared value, addresses of sender and receiver. If I leave out any information, resulting in impact on transportation or SCG EXPRESS’s liability, I agree for SCG EXPRESS to make consideration as it deems fit.
1.4 shall notify SCG EXPRESS if the goods require careful handling for transportation.
1.5 If the goods being transported require temperature control, I understand that SCG EXPRESS offers two types of temperature control services, including “chilled” at a temperature of 0 to 8 °C and “frozen” at a temperature of -15 °C, and I will notify SCG EXPRESS of my choice.
1.6 agree for SCG EXPRESS to collect and use information related to the use of TA-Q-BIN services for its operations as it deems appropriate.


2. Goods and Transportation
2.1 agree and understand that, unless agreed upon otherwise, SCG EXPRESS shall not provide a service for the transportation of dangerous goods (chemicals, flammable substances, hazardous substances, weapons, garbage, human waste, infectious substances, blood, etc.), illegal goods, living beings or body parts, animal flesh (except seafood and cooked meat), pornography, narcotics, articles of value (gold, jewelry, cash, bonds, sacred objects, cash cards, credit cards, etc.), letters, personal documents, and legal documents, as well as other articles that may be prescribed by SCG EXPRESS in the future.
2.2 If necessary, I permit SCG EXPRESS to open a package and inspect the goods without notice.
2.3 understand that SCG EXPRESS may refuse to deliver the goods even if the parcel has been accepted for transportation and return the parcel to me. If it is necessary or if I breach this Agreement, I understand that in addition to refusal to deliver the goods SCG EXPRESS may destroy the goods and promptly notify me of such action.


3. Shipment Charges and Expenses
3.1 Shipment rate is based on the size and weight a parcel and the transportation service selected in a quotation.
3.2 agree to pay shipment charge and related expenses, including a charge increase if there are any changes to the shipment rate under Article 3.1.
3.3 In case of cash-on-delivery, if a receiver refuses to accept delivery or cannot be identified or located, I agree for SCG EXPRESS to return the parcel to my address on the parcel and pay shipment charge, maintenance fee, and other related expenses.
3.4 agree to be fully responsible for all fines or liabilities incurred to SCG EXPRESS due to my mistake.


4. Delivery
4.1 understand that SCG EXPRESS will make every reasonable effort to deliver shipment to a receiver within the agreed time. However, a shipment may be delayed because of force majeure or circumstances that cause a delivery to be late. I agree to extend the delivery time and shall not claim any damages from such delay.
4.2 If a shipment charge has been paid and a delivery cannot be completed, SCG EXPRESS will make not more than three reattempts to deliver the package within five days. After the reattempt period, I agree to pay additional shipment charge, maintenance fee, and other related expenses and extend the agreed delivery time.
4.3 Regardless of reasons that cause SCG EXPRESS to return the goods to me, I agree to pass the title to the goods to SCG EXPRESS after 90 days of return notice, but not more than 180 days after the goods is accepted for transportation. If I am not the owner of the goods, I agree to be liable to the owner.


5. SCG EXPRESS’s Liability
5.1 understand that SCG EXPRESS will only indemnify me for the actual loss or damage to the goods arising from its action but not exceeding THB 3,000 per shipment. The value of loss or damage may be proven from the condition of the remaining goods. However, I understand that I can negotiate with a service provider to adjust the liability rate under the terms set of SCG EXPRESS.
5.2 After I have been notified of the damage by SCG EXPRESS, I agree to discuss with SCG EXPRESS about appropriate course of action within seven days of notice. However, I agree not to change the course of action I have informed SCG EXPRESS. If I fail to discuss with SCG EXPRESS within the required period, I agree for SCG EXPRESS to take action as it deems fit.
5.3 Other than the damage under Article 5.1, SCG EXPRESS shall not be liable for any damages arising due to other reasons.
5.4 understand that if I want to hold SCG EXPRESS liable for loss or damage to the goods, I or the receiver must notify SCG EXPRESS by writing a notice of damage on a delivery receipt or receipt system at the time of delivery. If a delivery receipt was signed without written notice of damage, it shall be considered as a proof that the shipment was delivered in good condition without damage. Moreover, such damage may not in any event be deducted from shipment charge and other expenses. SCG EXPRESS reserves the right to take no liability for its non-compliance with this agreement, as well as damages due to events of force majeure or damages not caused by SCG EXPRESS.

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Procedure for Sending a Takedown Notice

If you want to send a takedown notice to request SCG Yamato Express to stop distributing or remove computer information under Section 14 of the Computer Crimes Act B.E. 2550, which is amended by the Computer Crimes Act (No. 2) B.E. 2560 from the computer system of SCG Yamato Express, you must contact an official and file a complaint form together with supporting documents in person at 41st Floor, Cyber World Tower, 90 Ratchadaphisek Road, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310.

SCG Yamato Express will undertake a process to stop distributing or remove such illegal information from the computer system only when the complainant completes the complaint form and attaches supporting documents, signs every document, and submit all documents to the responsible official in person.


Supporting Documents Required to be Submitted with a Complaint Form

  • Complaint form provided by SCG Yamato Express.
  • A police blotter or complaint report filed with an inquiry or police official (original).
  • Identity Card or a card issued by a government agency with Identity Card No. of complainant (copy).
  • Proof of name change (if any).
  • Documents or evidence submitted to an inquiry or police official.
  • Documents or other evidence demonstrating offences under Section 14 and damages incurred to a service user or third party.

If you cannot come in person (additional documents are required)

  • Power of attorney
  • A copy of Identity Card or card issued by a government agency with Identity Card No. of an authorizer.

and attorney-in-fact. The attorney-in-fact must present his/her Identity Card to the Official.

Claim Process

1. Customer found goods damage

Report a claim at SCG EXPRESS
Call: 02-239-8999
E-mail: info@scgexpress.co.th
Facebook: http://m.me/scgexpress


Report details

  1. Report tracking number
  2. Details of damage
  3. Photos of package and goods
    • On both sides, the outer box is in good shape.
    • Opening the box to inspect the packaging condition
    • photographs of damaged products
    • commodities’ worth
    • Receipts, tax invoices, and other documents or evidence proving the price of goods between the consignee and the sender throughout the time


General parcels – report immediately within three business days after a delivery receipt is signed
Temperature-controlled parcels – report within three hours after a delivery receipt is signed


2. Investigation

SCG EXPRESS will carry out an investigation, which takes approximately 3 business days, and notify a customer of the results.


The decision of SCG EXPRESS shall be final and SCG EXPRESS reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.


3.Submit documents

Submit documents within 7 days of receipt of notice from SCG EXPRESS

  1. First page of bankbook
  2. Copy of identity card (natural person) or company certificate (juristic person)
  3. Damage claim document


Please sign every document



Receive a refund within 15 business days after SCG EXPRESS receives all documents


The value of the claim must not exceed THB 3,000
(Pursuant to the terms and conditions set by SCG EXPRESS)