Cash on Delivery (COD) makes it more convenient for your customers
and expands your business’s sales opportunities.


Instant approval for any bank account

• Fast transfer within 1 day of receiving the parcel


How to Apply COD


1.Login Choose between natural person and juristic person application forms
2. Complete the application form with the requested information.
3. Once you have completed the application information in the system, you will receive an email confirming your subscription.

By preparing the following documents


When it comes to the general public,

1. Information about the identification card's number
2.The bank account number and account name must match the information on the identity card.


When it comes to a juristic person

1. A certified copy of the juristic person's certificate (with signature and stamp)
2. A duplicate of the bank passbook's front page
3. A duplicate of Phor Por 20
4. A duplicate of the power of attorney
5. A photocopy of the director's identification card (as stated in the company certificate)
6. A photocopy of the authorized person's identification card
7. A photocopy of the attorney's identification card


Terms and Conditions for Cash on Delivery (COD)

  • Service of cash on delivery The sender is required to pay 3% of the product's value.(Capable of charging up to 100,000 baht per box of parcels)
  • If the value of the transaction is less than 15 baht and the service fee is 3%, the minimum service fee is 15 baht.
  • Cash on delivery does not imply that we act as the shipper's agent. or establish a contractual relationship between us and the consignee.
  • The shipper assumes all risks associated with payment receipt. which includes non-payment Inadequate funds and counterfeiting.
  • The company reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

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